Mayors of the former royal, now district town of Louny (1787-2001)

A board of appointed burghers (a town council and a magistrate officer, i.e. a royal or an imperial officer with jurisdiction) secured the administration of the royal town of Louny in the past. It was always a royal vice-chamberlain or an officer appointed by him who regularly carried out the appointment of the members of the town council (councillors, „consules“ from Latin). This so-called renewal of the town council was realised every year, there were usually twelve councillors, each taking turn in the management the town every months. The first councillor who took his office after the renewal was called “primas”; the title of burgomaster (mayor, from German “Bürgermeister”) could be used by every councillor in the office later.  Besides these, so-called aldermen of the town (representatives) used to be appointed as well.
While the magistrate officer “rychtář” (from German “Richter”, judge) executed jurisdiction with help of the council, the town council together with “primas” and aldermen were responsible for the economic management of the town mostly. This situation remained nearly unchanged until the end of the 18th century when a shift towards a new system of town self-government under the administrative reforms of Emperor Joseph II was made.
This change in the administrative was first realised in 1787 when Jan Martinides of Grillov was appointed a burgomaster and then was only replaced by the burgher Ferdinand Leopold Pletinger, appointed in 1788.
After the mentioned transient period, a so-called “magistrate” was introduced in Louny and so-called tested burgomasters or mayors were appointed as its leaders.  Despite their appointment by the other, their regular annual change was not carried out anymore and the burgomasters often held their office for several years without interruption.

Burgomasters of Louny, appointed between 1788 – 1849

Václav Senft
He came from Krupka, was appointed a burgomaster on Sept. 24,1788, resigned on Sept. 10,1789, withdrew from his office in November 1789 probably.
Jan Martinides of Grillov
He took his office on Dec. 2,1789, left in his office until the end of 1793.
Augustin Christ of Goldberg
He was appointed at the beginning of 1794, held his office until the end of 1795 when he resigned upon his own request.
Václav Senft
He was again appointed a burgomaster at the end of 1795, held the office until Feb. 22,1799, when he resigned.
František Filzbauer
He was the burgomaster of Louny from 1800, held the office without interruption until Nov.12, 1808 when he was replaced.
Johann Flössl
He was appointed on April 12,1808, but he probably accepted the office only at the end of the year, resigned in Oct. 1830, he committed suicide by drowning in the River Ohře, probably due to a mental disorder, on Oct. 31, 1830.
Josef Pihera
He originally came from Eastern-Bohemian town of Polička, took office on Aug.18, 1832, and worked in Louny until 1836 when he was appointed a burgomaster in his native town.
František Rudolf Grünwald
He was appointed during 1836 but he took the office after Pihera had left; he worked as the head of the town magistrate until the end of 1838.
JUDr  Jan Rafael Wladika (JUDr = master of jurisdiction)
He took the office at the beginning of 1839 and held it until the middle of August 1845 when he was appointed a judge in Southern Bohemia.
JUDr  Matyáš Rudolf Křížek
He was appointed a burgomaster on August 16,1845, and held the office until 1849 when he left as a district judge to Sedlčany.
Matyáš Rudolf Křížek had been the last Louny examined burgomaster before elected self-governing towns were introduced in the Austrian Monarchy (temporary municipal law under the imperial law No. 170 of the Empire Code from March 17,1849, and related regulations later). With the help of the regional office, he also brought the new administrative system into life.
In the meantime period from the abolished Joseph’s magistrate system and first proper municipal elections, there was appointed a committee of 21 burghers lead by Jiří Jan Hauser, the owner of the “U tří lip” (Three Lime Trees) house No. 36 at the square. This man was not a burgomaster in the proper sense as the first proper election took place as late as between August 21-24, 1850.

Mayors of Louny, freely elected between 1850 – 1918

 Josef Valter (1809-1887)
A farm estate holder and burgher of Louny, he held the office of a mayor from his appointment on August 24, 1850, until February 1861 when a new election of the town representatives took place.
MgPh Bedřich Sekera (1819-1869)
A pharmacist in Louny, he came from Mnichovo Hradiště and was appointed a mayor on Feb. 27, 1861; he held the office only until Jan. 12, 1862 when he resigned due to illness.
Adolf Kuchinka (1824-1870)
A burgher of Louny, he was a so-called 1st councillor after Sekera had resigned; he was confirmed in mayor’s office upon the complementary election on April 13,1862, then again elected in the proper election on Aug.21, 1864, resigned due to an alleged libel on July 2,1866.
Jan Kostka (1803-1875)

A burgher of Louny, butcher, he was elected in the complementary election on July 12,1866, again in the proper election on August 17,1867, but due to disputes in the town council and appeals in the town parliament,  he resigned on Oct. 28 of the same year.
Alois Greif (1809-1874)
A burgher of Louny, farm estate holder; after Kostka had resigned, he was the 1st councillor, then elected as a mayor in the complementary election on Nov. 25,1867, then again in the proper election on Jan. 23,1867, but due to disputes in the town parliament he resigned already on Sep. 30, 1867.
Antonín Vidman (1830-1918)

A burgher of Louny, farm estate holder,  representative of “Mladočech” party (the political party representing democratic principles); after Grief’s resignation he was elected a mayor in the complementary election on Oct.1,1869, later also in the proper elections in 1871 and 1874; but upon the decision of the District Office, the town parliament was dissolved on May 20,1877, because of the excessive use of its powers; the district judge Bedřich Wagner was the head of the appointed administrative commission until January 1878.
MUDr.  Josef Frotzel (1845-1900)(Master of medicine)
A native of Louny, doctor, later also a founder and manager of the first public hospital, was appointed a mayor in the proper election on Jan.10, 1878, he withdrew from the office due to an allegedly increasing number of patients of his surgery on Oct.5,1881.
JUDr.  Petr Pavel Hilbert (1834-1906)
A native from Plzeň, state lawyer,  representative of the National Free-Idea Party, appointed a mayor first after Frotzel had resigned in the complementary election on Oct. 27, 1881; later, he was elected for five times in the proper election and therefore he is known to be the longest- ever mayor representing the self-government in Louny – he was forced to resign under the pressure of the socialistic opposition on May 1,1899.
JUDr. Valentin Stopka (1842-1915)
He came from Napajedla in Moravia, but worked as a notary in Louny until his death. It can be said he was a honourable and politically favourable successor in the realisation of Hilbert’s projects; he became a mayor in the complementary election, which took place on May 10,1899, and he resigned on July 31,1903.
JUDr. Jan Veltrubský of Veltruby (1939-1911)
A native from Rakovník, a representative of an old Czech nobility; he worked as a lawyer in Louny; was elected a mayor after Stopka had resigned in the complementary election on August 13,1903, later in a proper election; as the only one of the elected mayors, he died in his office in August 26,1911.
Adolf Šaroch (1859-1924)
A burgher of Louny, trader; he was temporarily was appointed to perform the duties of a mayor as the first councillor after Veltrubský had died. He was acknowledged in the position of the mayor in the complementary election on June 4, 1912; due to serious mistakes in the management of the town, the town parliament was dissolved on Aug. 13,1913 and at the same time an administrative commission lead by Vilém Günther was appointed; V.Günther performed the duties of the town administrator during the whole period of the WWI. Šaroch did not ever return to the position of a mayor.

Mayors of Louny, freely elected between 1918 – 1940

František Kozel (1875-1932)

He came from Horní Ročov and was a builder; when the first constituent meeting of the town parliament took place in 1912, he was elected a new mayor in his absence; he took over the office after his return from the army, on Sept. 9,1918, and held the office only for the transient period,  until of the proper election was announced in 1919.
Josef Fousek (1875-1942)

A native from Donín, the Czechoslovak Railway Company officer, long-term chairman of the Czechoslovak National Socialistic Party  in Louny; he was elected a mayor in the proper election in 1919, took the office on Oct. 1, but was forced to resign by his own party due to serious mistakes in 1922.
Eduard Fastr (* 1877)
A native from Kutná Hora, a publisher and an editor, a Czechoslovak National Socialistic Party member; he was temporarily elected a mayor on May 2, 1922; he held the office until his resignation in Oct. 1923.
Josef Rybka (1875-1949)
A native from Toušeň, the Louny Grammar School teacher, a school inspector later, a Czechoslovak National Socialistic Party member; he was appointed a mayor after Fastr´s resignation in the complementary election on Oct. 4,1923, remained in the office until Aug. 17,1925, when he was transferred as a headmaster of a grammar school to Prague.
Josef Fousek (1875-1942)

He was elected a mayor representing the winning National Socialistic Party in the proper election held on September 1925 but on Nov. 8,1926, the Louny parliament was dissolved officially; Fousek acted as a chairman of the administrative commission appointed on Nov. 29, 1926, until a new, proper election was announced for spring 1927; he was elected a mayor in this election held on April 5, and again elected also in 1931 and 1938; owing to the pressure from the Protectorate offices and his poor health state, he announced his resignation in autumn 1940, which was only confirmed on Dec. 4,1940; shortly afterwards, the Louny parliament was dissolved on Dec. 31, 1940, and replaced with an administrative commission lead by the former councillor František Liehne; the commission took the office from Jan. 1,1941 until April 1,1942 when it was dissolved and the government commissar JUDr. Heinz Rochlitzer was appointed a chairman of the commission (he was arrested on May 4,1945, and prosecuted in Louny). Josef Fousek was denounced in 1942, arrested by the Gestapo and tortured to death or executed.

Chairmen of the national committee between 1945 – 1990

Upon the Decree of President Beneš and following laws, national committees, elected and controlled by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, were the administrative bodies of the town, the chairmen of which were as follows ( 1945 – 1990):
- Jaroslav Süssmilich, elected on May 5,1945, at the constituent meeting of the local national committee in the “U Somolů” restaurant, he held the office until May 1946;
- Ferdinand Mayer, elected in June 1946, remained until December 1948;
- Jindřich Moravec, elected on Dec. 18,1948, remained in the office until July 16,1952;
- Vlastimil Nedvěd, appointed on July 17,1952, remained in the office until Nov. 12,1953;
- Bohuslav Macek, elected on Nov.13, 1953, remained until February 1963;
- Svatoslav Hejzl, elected in February 1963, remained until Dec. 9, 1971;
- Jaroslav Dudjak, elected on Dec.10, 1971, remained until Nov.8, 1976;
- JUDr Vladimír Drápal, elected on Nov. 9, 1976 and remained until Sept.27, 1987;
- JUDr Miroslav Zrůst, elected on Sept. 28, 1987, withdrawn from the office on Feb.28, 1990;
- Ing. Emil Volkmann, co-opted as of March 1,1990, remained until Dec.2, 1990;

Mayors of Louny, elected from 1990

Ing Emil Volkmann (* 1938)
A native from Jimlín, an electro-technician, a Civic Democratic Party member, elected a mayor of Louny under the new Act on Municipalities from Dec.3,1990, for the first time, then again for the election period of 1994-1998 and 1998-2002; during his office, the quotation „Louny – a pearl of the River Ohře“ was created.
Ing. Jan Kerner (* 1964)
A native from Most, an engineer, a Civic Democratic Party member, the mayor of  Louny elected on Nov. 11, 2002.

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