The royal town of Louny was founded by Přemyslovci in the middle of 13th century on two major traffic arteries – a water artery represented by Ohře river and a terrestrial road from Prague to Norimberk or Leipzig. However, around the 11th – 12th century, there was a settlement called Luna, where today’s St. Peter’s Church, which was build in the middle of 15th century, is located. Significant landmarks from the end of the same century, such as fortifications with bastions, the Žatec Gate, the Chapel of Mother of God and the Sokolů z Mor (Sokol of Mory) house, are preserved. In March of 1517, a devastating fire spread throughout the city. As a result, Louny inhabitants needed to build a new church. Construction of the late gothic style St. Nicholas‘ Church, designed by tho royal builder Benedikt Rejt, was finished in 1853. As for the Renaissance period, we can admire the house called „Daliborka“, whose facade dates from the turn of the 17th century. The late 17th century style can be seen on the Baroque hospital bulding and the Statue of the Virgin Mary located on the Plague Column in the town center. At the beginning of 19th century, a municipal libary in the Empire style was built on the site of the original town hall from 1398. A flood bridge with 40 arches was built to maintain the communication between Louny and Leipzig during the frequent floods. From the end of the same century, a Jewish synagogue, Jirásklvy mills or today’s town hall, which was built in a historical style at the site of the U tří lip (Three Lime Trees) house, can be seen.

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